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One of the Most Incredibly Neglected Options for Term Paper Writing Service Way Writing

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Thomas Hobbes And The Commonwealth - 1044 Words

This following quote by Thomas Hobbes contains a rather straightforward message pertaining to the commonwealth. Based on this quote, it can be derived that submission pertains to giving up or rather transferring our rights to the sovereign. Hobbes states earlier about the generation of a commonwealth, which he states, â€Å"I authorize and give up my right of governing myself, to this man, or to this assembly of men, on this condition that thou give up thy right to him, and authorize all his actions in like manner† (Hobbes, Part 3, 25 of 42). Based on this quote, Hobbes defines how commonwealth is generated, which he states that one must basically surrender part of his liberty to the sovereign in order to attain the mutual benefit. The commonwealth refers to the common peace and safety of citizens as Hobbes defines commonwealth as â€Å"One person, of whose acts a great multitude, by mutual covenants with one another, having made themselves every one the author, to the end he may use the strength and means of them all for their peace and common defense† (Hobbes, Part 3, 26 of 42). Hobbes states that in transferring our rights to the sovereign in order to maintain self-preservation, the act of this submission involves our obligation and liberty. In order to meet the goal of security and defense, one must oblige to the civil laws and obey the rules of sovereignty so that one may receive protection under the rule of sovereign. To receive full protection and security, Hobbes alsoShow MoreRelatedThomas Hobbes And The Philosophy Of Political Science1729 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernment. While studying, Thomas Hobbes wondered about why people were allowing themselves to be ruled and what would a great form of government for England. He reasoned that people were naturally wicked and shouldn’t be trusted to govern themselves because they were selfish creatures and would do anything to better their position and social status. These people, when left alone will go back to their evil impulses to get a better advantage over others. So Thomas Hobbes concluded that the best formRead MoreHobbes And Malcolm X s Views On Political Legitimacy Essay1721 Words   |  7 PagesMuslim black nationalist from the 1960’s – hypothetically of course. One might think that they would have absolutely nothing in common; however, Thomas Hobbes and Malcolm X have more in common than it appears. While the two theorists are very different, they share several common ideas about political legitimacy. In this paper, I will argue that although both Hobbes and Malcolm X would agree that a government must provide protection for its citizens to be considered legitimate, Malcolm X extends that criteriaRead MoreThomas Hobbes Philosophical Political Piece1317 Words   |  6 PagesThomas Hobbe s philosophical political piece The Leviathan argues that society functions most effectively if all state and commonwealth is delegated by an all powerful s overeign, and that without it we are in a state of chaos, otherwise titled by Hobbes as the state of nature (Thomas Hobbes, 2002, p. 181). I will argue that it is not possible to acknowledge what life is like in the state of nature without fully acknowledging that life in the state of nature leads to an all-powerful sovereignRead MoreThomas Hobbes s Leviathan 1190 Words   |  5 PagesThe source which will be analysed is the frontispiece of Thomas Hobbes most famous work ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Leviathan’ as a whole. The frontispiece is considered as prominent as the arguments put forth by Thomas Hobbes in the ‘Leviathan’ itself. The frontispiece depicts a crowned figure grasping a crosier and a sword. This figure, or ‘Leviathan’, represents the all-powerful, comprehensive state. When looked at closely, the torso and arms of the figure are made up of hundreds of individual people, whoRead More Thomas Hobbes View on Government Essay5 67 Words   |  3 PagesThomas Hobbes View on Government      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Thomas Hobbes in his controversial work, the Leviathan, declares that such   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   a government based on the rule of the common people, would result in   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   anarchy and total pandemonium.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   But before one can understand Hobbes view on government, it is important   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   to understand how Hobbes feels about people. Hobbes has a very   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   materialistic view on the world because of his belief that the movements Read MoreThomas Hobbes and John Locke Essay1020 Words   |  5 PagesHobbes and Locke John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were famous political Theorists among other things in their time. Hobbes who was born 40 years before Locke had a very different perspective to Locke and both will be examined more through this essay. Even though many of there theories were different in the sixteenth century Hobbes and Locke s theories became closer as the rise of the state and decline of the feudal system brought about the question of authority. Read MoreThomas Hobbes Leviathan801 Words   |  4 PagesThe true essence of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan is a well-constructed story that examines human nature. Hobbes’ introduces Leviathan during a chaotic period filled with death and a voyage of human expansion, which leads to the creation of a logical and sustainable society. This society is the commonwealth and led by a sovereign. Upon first analysis, Hobbes’ explanation of the alteration to the commonwealth is questionable. Some weaknesses in Hobbes’ Leviathan can be easily found: the inconsistency ofRead More Force, Morality and Rights in Thomas Hobbes and John Lockes Social Contract Theories1632 Words   |  7 PagesForce, Morality and Rights in Thomas Hobbes and John Lockes Social Contract Theories Throughout history, the effects of the unequal distribution of power and justice within societies have become apparent through the failure of governments, resulting in the creation of theories regarding ways to balance the amount of power given and the way in which justice is enforced. Due to this need for change, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke created two separate theories in which the concept of a social contractRead MoreHobbes And The Natural State Of Nature Essay1514 Words   |  7 Pages A hallmark of Thomas Hobbes political philosophy lies in his delineations of two distinct conditions which men can reside in; the state of nature, and the commonwealth led by a sovereign, otherwise referred to as the Leviathan. In order to illustrate how the former state gives way to the latter, Hobbes constructs a perception of nature in which the lives of men are riddled with ambiguity, fear, and distrust. He proposes, then, that the optimal civil society is not constructed by embracing the na turalRead MoreThe Seatbelt Law, By Thomas Hobbes, And Jean Jacques Rousseau1262 Words   |  6 Pagesof philosophers Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and whether or not this law is ethical. THOMAS HOBBES Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was an English philosopher who is best known for his work in political ethics. Hobbes had a pessimistic view of the human race, however his theory has been used as a major influence on western political views. In 1651, Thomas Hobbes wrote Leviathan, in which he states that life before government was violent, brutal, and barbaric. Hobbes continues on to

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An Unbreakable Bond From The Day I Was Born - 1661 Words

Mom and Me My mom and I had an unbreakable bond from the day I was born. For starters, her and I were alone. Me, a new born, and a 19 year-old graduate, beginning a new life. Although she was a single mother, we had an amazing amount of support from family. I grew up surrounded by three loving uncles and two magnificent grandparents. So, technically, we weren t â€Å"alone.† But in many ways, it was just her and I, which made us have a relationship many people can t say they have with their mom, and she taught me so many things throughout the years. As I reminisce, I recall many absents of my mother. She wasn t leaving because she wanted to, but only to support and care me, making sure I had all of the good things as a little girl. Being a†¦show more content†¦Knowing she played both roles as mother and father, I hope to amount to at least half of the woman she is. Because of the absence of a father figure, my mother took care of everything. The finances she took care of from me growing up is what amazes me the most. I think of all of these times and it makes me realize things. A woman can do what really she sets her mind too. Although my mom was raising me on her own with a job, or sometimes two on hand, I was raised right. Financially, she made sure I always had enough of everything; clothes, food and entertainment. We lived in houses that could fit inside other houses, and in places that were only guest houses to the owners. Because of the low income life I lived before my adopted dad came along, its taught me to save. Saving is important and furthering my education is important. A college fund was never planned as I was younger, but my parents to this day assure me college will never be something I m deprived of. After my mom married, three little girls were soon to be named my little sisters. With a current five year old, two year old and one year old, budget is tight. Timing could have been better, but I know if I work hard and apply all the skills my mom learned and taught me when I was younger, I ll work and work to pay off every loan and bill I owe for furthering my education. I plan to pay back my parents for all they ve done for me as I was growing up, and giving back to myShow MoreRelatedMy Mom And I Had An Unbreakable Bond From The Day I Was Born1658 Words   |  7 PagesMy mom and I had an unbreakable bond from the day I was born. For starters, her and I were alone. Me, a new born, and a 19 year-old graduate, beginning a new life. Although she was a single mother, we had an amazing amount of support from family. I grew up surrounded by three loving uncles and two magnificent grandparents. So, technically, we weren t â€Å"alone.† But in many ways, it was just her and I, whic h made us have a relationship many people can t say they have with their mom, and she taughtRead MoreLove Is Not Based On Conditions And Prejudice1082 Words   |  5 Pagesand parents. The power of such bond is unperceived by many and only taken for granted. However, to maintain that bond, parents and children are obligated to earnestly sacrifice for each other. A prospering relationship is unachievable with unrequited love; both individuals need to demonstrate their value for one another. Sadly, the insight of the importance of my parents occurred to me recently and those previous interactions with my parents were not pleasant. As I grew to understand the amount ofRead MoreMy Sister586 Words   |  3 PagesWell on June XX, 199X, a beautiful baby girl was born with big brown eyes crystal clear yet pure in color. Gentle skin and soft brown hair, this sweet infant would soon become the most important thing in the world to me. The opportunity to influence the life of my sister will p robably be the most worthwhile experience I will ever encounter. Starlin is an important person in my life because, she has taught me so much, she is my best friend, and I know I can always count on her. My sister is importantRead MoreThe Attacment Theory and My Friends Parents Divorce843 Words   |  3 PagesAmericans. The significant event that I have chosen to reflect on is the divorce of one of my friend parents at the age of sixteen. The theory that I decided to use that would demonstrate this event is the attachment theory. I chose this theory to illustrate the significance of the event by describing her decision on what parent to live with and how she became more resistant of family and others. Growing up as a child life became rough for poor Natalie as she was born a premature baby. That alone hadRead MoreFree Internet Encyclopedi Love And Love941 Words   |  4 Pagesthroughout our common lives. As stated on Wikipedia Free Internet Encyclopedia, love is a variety of different emotions, states, and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection. Love is spread in limitless ways. I see love as being demonstrated through distinct affection for someone or something. For instance, there are two diverse loves I display. There is a â€Å"mother’s love† displayed towards my daughter and â€Å"romantic love† displayed for my fiancà ©. Through my personal perception, when mothers’Read MoreA Mother’s Timeless Dilemma in Beloved by Toni Morrison Essay examples1666 Words   |  7 Pagesmother ring true with the experiences of mothers throughout time because the act of being a mother is timeless. As a child Sethe was separated from her mother both physically and mentally because of slavery, so when she has her own children she is determined to keep her family together. In her attempt to free herself and her children from slavery Sethe finds herself separated from her daughter, Beloved as a result of Beloved’s death. When Beloved returns, Sethe’s guilt causes her to overcompensate forRead MoreReview Of The Other Wes Moore 1038 Words   |  5 Pagesdefined through the people closest to you and the bonds you share with them. This can be seen throughout the story such in the lives they lived and the results that followed their actions. At first, Wes A lost his fathers in the same day and his mother couldn’t handle the death of her husband so they moved in with her parents. As Wes A realized that the rules were stricter, he made some friends outside of the house and slowly he joined an unbreakable group of friends; one that had both its good sidesRead MoreLifespan Reflection Paper865 Words   |  4 Pageschildhood, underlie human behavior. I will be analyzing my development through the psychoanalytic theory. Everyone is born with the knowledge to breathe, but not everyone knows how to breathe properly.When I was the age of five, I had a difficult time breathing. The natural position for healthy breathing is always with a closed mouth, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. I was unable to perform that action, the only comfortable way I knew how to breath was through my mouth. It might seem likeRead MoreCharles Dickens’ Novel, A Tale of Two Cities Essay1219 Words   |  5 Pagesof England as well. The French Revolution is known as one of the most brutal and inhumane periods of history. If one studied the beliefs and views of the people involved at the time, one would see a reoccurring theme of â€Å" being recalled to life†. Born from the world of literature, Charles Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities takes a deeper look at the culture of the late 1700’s, in both England and France. Dickens uses the character of Lucie Manette to further examine one of the m ajor themes presentedRead MoreJoy Luck Club Character Analysis1032 Words   |  5 Pagesstruggle with communication and understanding, partially because of the language barrier between them, and partially because of the different circumstances they have been raised in. In the article â€Å"Thoughts From the Daughter of a Chinese Mother,† the writer notes an increasingly different set of values from one generation of immigrants to the next, stating â€Å"...the next generation of kids grow up spoiled by Western notions of self-actualization, and throws away generations of hard work to become idealistic

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Critical Strategic Analysis of Saudi Arabia Government Health Service

Question: Discuss about A Critical Strategic Analysis Of Government Health Service (MOH) Of Saudi Arabia? Answer: Introduction Identify one key organisational objective. Critically analyse the organisations rationale for pursuing the objective. Complete a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis in relation to how your organisation is positioned to respond to this objective. This should be attached as an appendix to your assignment (You are required to present the SWOT to your peer group and group facilitator in week 9 of the module). Critically evaluate the organisations approach to achieving the objective The Ministry of Health (MOH) is a government organisation, which uses a traditional mode of developing a health platform, in different countries, and is supported by governments. This is true for Saudi Arabia as well, but they have strict rules that are imposed on employees which causes them not to retain qualified doctors(Almalki, Fitzgerald, Clark, 2011). The assigned Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Saudi Arabia for MOH is quite low and this does not help in trying to retain employees(Ramady, 2010). Outline of the patchwork assessment This assessment will provide an overview, and observation of Ministry of Health (MOH) in Saudi Arabia. My role would be as the manager of the organisations business development team. The aim I would be having is to give better results in the health care sector. Secondly, it must be noted that healthcare delivery is successful when the service providers are sure of the responsibilities they have and are accountable for the work they do. As competition intensifies within the health care industry, patient satisfaction and service quality are providing the evidentiary basis for patient outcomes and reputation of the healthcare sector. Advanced health systems are considered part of the solution to the challenge of sustaining every countrys healthcare system (Ferlie et al. 2016).As far as information on available sources are concerned, this is being done by MOH, and they have set a plan with IBM which works on E-health but with this report, we will develop new forms of quality standards, w hich must be focused by the company, and should be based on the vision set by the company (MOH, 2015). With e-health services, quality will be developed based on new defined standards. The new standards of healthcare are defined according to the increased health burden and undesirable patient outcomes. Person-centered care are delivered that is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the patients. The patients are treated with privacy and equality. The healthcare professionals are provided with support to be independent and get involved with the whole community. Patient safety is the main focus of the best possible care provided by the health care settings. Negligence, degrading treatment and misappropriate and unnecessary restraints are not tolerated in the new standards of healthcare. Good governance implies that care is o be given by the provider in accordance to a care plan that is built up on based on the needs of the patients. The safety and quality care are to be mainta ined by having effective systems, that aim at service improvement, and all risks for health, welfare and safety are reduced (Hall, 2013). The present assignment is a patchwork assessment where in Patch 1, the organizational objective is selected followed by a critical analysis and evaluation of how the organization will achieve the objective. The aim of the organization is to deliver e-health for achieving better outcome of patients. A SWOT analysis is carried out for understanding how the organization is positioned to respond to the objective. In Patch 2, a critical evaluation of how my contributions can make the organization successful in achieving the objective is discussed. Patch 1 Mission of E-health implementation in the healthcare setting and rationale Thehealth care system inSaudi Arabiacan be classified as a nationalhealth caresystem in which the government provides health care services through a number of government agencies. In the meantime, there is a growing role and increased participation from the private sector in the provision of health care services. Ministry of health (MOH) is the body governing the health care system of the countries where this body is present. The ministry is charged with health policies for achieving better health outcomes (Alijohani et al., 2015). It is also responsible for government programs related to family planning in the countries. The ministry of the government has the focus on issues associated with general health of the citizens of the country. Health departments have the responsibility to performs assessments and inspections for ensuring that the best quality care is delivered to the patients who are in need of best approaches for their health complications. Health ministry must also compi le the statistical data statistical data about the health issues of the faced by the people of the country. The health departments establish guidelines for health care settings that are to be followed for operating in a suitable manner. Ministry of health (MOH) Saudi Arabia is the ministry responsible for the healthcare of the citizens of Saudi Arabia. The MOH was established in 1950 and the headquarters is in Riyadh. The department is responsible for setting up new hospitals and healthcare settings. It is accountable for issuing and enforcing rules and regulations for providing necessary practice standards in medicine, pharmacology and healthcare. The health council addresses the needs of healthcare services and this is the highest level of supervisory board. It oversees all aspects of healthcare services of the country. Health-care services in Saudi Arabia are provided by several public and private agencies. However, the ministry is the major planner and provider of these services (Alijohani et al., 2015). MOH in Saudi Arabia, needed to define the quality elements, such as hygiene factors, and also provide the assessment of the information that they get from various sources. The reason for this is that Saudi Arabia has people from different communities and a major section of it is unemployed. Therefore, the country must design its healthcare services to match to the standards of international health care. Development of e-health platform would consider the needs and perspectives of the defined health care sector and the rules of regulations of the healthcare would be redefined. People coming from varied backgrounds have different beliefs in the healthcare system and therefore the management system of healthcare must address to this needs. e-health will be a step made in this direction (El Bcheraoui et al., 2015). It should be noted that management has to look into various different factors, in which external and internal environment of the whole health services and management has to be understood and taken into consideration. The rationale for the study will hence be to define the predicted efficiency, which the 5 year old plan, and launch of e-health services by MOH across the country can bring (Karlsson et al., 2015). E-health services are being used by many healthcares settings across the globe by the aim of the present research is to analyze and assess the e-health services. This evaluation would be beneficial for the Enterprise Resource Planning System for developing a decision making tool (Sundbo, 1998). A new health care related networks is thus to be established by the management that will help by integrating different services of health care unit . The main advantage of this step will be, new techniques will assist the operational work of the hospitals and may fasten the process of m anagement work, which can ensure the advancement of e-health services. MOH of the country develops new awareness programs, which are going to be assessed in first part of report and can help by spreading the ace of service and can connect more patient and understand their problem. The organizational objective chosen, introducing e-health services by MOH, is based on expanding services to other direction, towards quick response generation for patients and also making all records to be saved on cloud. An e-health cloud is the flexible and highly configuration platform that goes beyond the scope of traditional approaches in technology (Alijohani et al., 2015). The e-health cloud provides unlimited accessibility and a varied delivery options for meeting the future as well as the present needs of healthcare system. With various options, cloud offers the appropriate hosting model for meeting the particular needs of the clinical settings. Since the costs of healthcare services are rising at a considerable level, it is imminent that healthcare organizations consider adopting health information technology (HIT) systems. HIT allows health organizations to streamline many of their processes and provide services in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. The latest te chnological trends such as Cloud Computing (CC) provide a strong infrastructure and offer a true enabler for HIT services over the Internet.Cloud helps the healthcare industry cope with current and future demands yet keeping their costs to a minimum. E-health cloud highlights many of the constituents of healthcare and builds the environment for effective health care service delivery. The application of e-health services will help MOH is having a more systematic and developed health care service quality and diagnostic would be the main objective to be achieved (Almalki et al. 2011). The step-wise procedure for execution of the plan would be described by the PESTEL analysis and would elaborate on the need of steps. SWOT analysis would determine how the organization can achieve the purpose it has as the analysis will help the organization to imprve their strength and work on their weaknesses and threat to increase the oppotunity. Based on the SWOT analysis, strategies and other establi shment will be analyzed in the third part of this report (Hemann Burbary, 2013). This objective will not only act as a customer care program, but will help MOH in Saudi Arabia to market their services through new perspectives as well. The PESTLE analysis will be done to evaluate the need of organizational objective, which is being covered here, and with this analysis, it will be easier to understand the SWOT of this new objective. Health care services in Suadi Arabia has seen advancement in the last two decades and much of this is attributed to the government help and response that is a significant aspect on the political background. A series of development plans in Saudi Arabia have established the infra-structure for the expansion of curative services all over the country. Health services in Saudi Arabia is to be beneficial for the political set up it has. Establishment of e-health services will have a strong influence on the government and changes are likely to occur in the political context. The Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) provides over 60% of these services while the rest are shared among other government agencies and the private sector. Therefore, the political support is always behind the development of healthcare services in the country (Balkhair, 2015). The application of e-health will enhance the quality of care given by the healthcare services and therefore form a reason to encompass all possible help and facilitation from the political settings. The government will be bound to have a series of development plans in Saudi Arabia to enhance the infra-structure and to have the expansion of curative services all over the country (Fitzpatrick Montgomery, 2004). The economic analysis of health services, and government, does need cost saving agendas, and adaptation of e-health services, and improvement of quality, can make this objective be a reason for the project to shine (Altuwaijri, 2012). If the objective is met effectively, the overall efficiency of the work done by the organization will be enhanced and this will mean the development of more funds as well, and the budget, which is required for this development, can be overcome easily. The society has the requirement of bringing all potential advancements in the healthcare system they access and this mainly refers to the easy and quick access to the health care services. Use of the internet access is such an effective means of having easy availability to services and healthcare professionals as well as the patients would be benefitted by the use of online platform (Anagnostelis et al., 2004). The use of e-health would be the solution to this requirement as the time allotted for treatment may be reduced and the whole process of accessing services would be convenient (Alsulame et al., 2016). The workforce is more filled with expatriates, and if this e-system is used, people will not have many difficulties in language differentiation, as language converters can also be used (Al-Mutairi, 2014). Technology, and particularly, services provided by information technology, is being adapted in Saudi Arabia from years Alijohani et al., (2015). People have been promoting technology and many of them use technology in their businesses Khalifa (2014). This means, government sectors, for updating their services, do need to develop an infrastructure that supports up heave of technology (Al-Mutairi, 2014). E-health network program, can in this way, develop the services which can make it easy for people living in remote areas as well, to get urgent and good services Househ et al., (2014). Technology, and in particularly big data analysis, is being used globally, and hence should not be ignored in this case as well (Glass Callahan, 2014). With the increased incidence of disease, and people, especially pilgrims, who enter Saudi Arabia, being exposed to these diseases, it becomes quite difficult for the organisation to maintain diagnostic speed Khalifa (2013). This means the organisation needs a system that helps the patients with the best customer care and service development and that helps internal management, i.e. staff, to easily obtain the reports linked to a particular person(Fitzpatrick Montgomery, 2004). This makes sure that, MOH has to detect nearest hospitals for the patients which can be done with this software. Legal issues, such as patient protocols keep on changing, and do not reach doctors on daily basis Alkabba et al., (2012). However, with this e-health development the objective of keeping the hospitals which are linked with MOH, updated, and also their staff to be aware of the changes in rules, can now be fulfilled (Barello et al., 2015). Legal analysis has a major role in this objective development, as many pilgrims also enter this country, and should be assessed for fulfillment of this objective(Balkhair, 2015). As mentioned earlier, big data can be used, but it also has some legal concerns that need to be developed in the process(Kalyvas Overly, 2014). By analyzing this list of risks, the organisation will be able to more effectively work on the purpose of this objective, which is increasing the quality of patient-centred health services (see Appendix 6). For achievement of this objective, a proper committee should be hired, and developed, which can evaluate the risks, and develop policies that are important for the companys development(Porter, 2008). The PESTAL analysis indicates that MOH must respond to the radically transforming healthcare that would transform the way the department carries out the functioning and delivers best possible health care. The utilization of e-health would support a seamless flow of information within the health care infrastructure and would encompass the leverage the digital progress in the setting. This would transform the way care is delivered by MOH. Considering all the advantages of electronic health records, and the rapidly growing electronic interconnectedness of the health care world, the development and eventual ubiquity in MOH is inevitable. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis in relation to the organisation is positioned to respond to this objective A SWOT analysis has been performed to identify the issues faced by the MOH in operational activities. The strength of this organisation is that it has access to all hospitals and can create a change in quality services for customers, for instance clients associated with a hospital. This strength of MOH is because governments financial support is with the team of MOH, and if they can work effectively on e-health services to enhance their performance (Al-Ahmadi, 2009). This will make it a paperless system, and with the governments support, the budget can also be justified (Almalki, Fitzgerald, Clark, 2011). The MOH currently provides 59.5% of services, and if these are converted to e-health, the strength of the Saudi healthcare for the public will be further enhanced (Almalki, Fitzgerald, Clark, 2011, p. 786) (see Appendix 1). As far as the private sector is concerned in this area of service, it constitutes only 20% approximately, and thus, for implementing such a strategy, this organisation can settle and increase efficiency in the diagnostic process of increased quality for custome r care (see Appendix 6). The weakness of the organization is that the employee participation rate in adapting to new technologies is less and not up to the mark of high standards (Azeem Altalhi 2015). All members of healthcare organization must embrace the latest technologies and implement them in their daily lives to the best of their ability. They must be aware of the fact that the tools used for betterment of patient care are to be integrated to the daily care services. This activity will not only increase the overall management procedure of the organization but will also be beneficial for the employees. The employees must therefore take up the workplace as a learning institution and bring about some positive organizational changes (Balkhair, 2015). Implementation of e-health would require the participation from the employees of the organization to implement it in their daily practice. They must be addressing the issues they face in adapting to the changes for encouraging greater participation. They must be taking up approaches for having adequate knowledge on the ways to implement the ehealth services and must be aware of the advantages of doing so. If these problems in customer care can be overcome and e-health services are successful, quality of these services can be improved(Al-Turki, 2000). Lack of a skilled workforce is also a drawback for this country, and most of the work is outsourced (Abdallah 2001) (see Appendix 3), which tells us that explanation of e-health services to locals would be quite difficult. The MOH has been the most active organisation in Saudi Arabia, as seen in Appendix 1, and has been providing its services for a long period of time(Almalki, Fitzgerald, Clark, 2011). As a result, they have opportunities to expand in the virtual world as well, as they have expanded in physical areas. Globally, different countries ministries of health have successfully developed their services for improved quality, by using big data, and for Saudi Arabia, being one of the busiest countries, it is a great opportunity to give this online facility, to improve quality, and save time for their patients as well(Makdad, 2014). In Mexico and other countries, this facility has been enhanced the human life, and people are being made aware of better health services(Makdad, 2014) (see Appendix 2). This also creates an opportunity for the MOH of Saudi Arabia and with the advent and progress of information technology, quality prospects and expectations in this sector have also been increased(Al-Ahm adi, 2009). E-health care systems are better adapted in private sectors as most of the people who use them have knowledge about such services (Qureshi et al., 2015). As far as people using the MOH of Saudi Arabia are concerned, they do not know about using online services, especially for health purposes (AlGhamdi Moussa, 2012). For this part, awareness should be generated, which will be explained in the strategy section. In addition, the MOH is government funded, and if this step or objective is not achieved successfully, the company has to bear many negative comments, as the competitors may have more accurate services. Moreover, internet speed is an issue in Saudi Arabia, which will be a further threat for development of online services (Anagnostelis, Cooke, Welsh, 2004; Fitzpatrick Montgomery, 2004). Evaluation of the organizations approach to achieving the objective The approach of the organization to achieve the objective of implementation of e-health can be explained by the help of McKinseys 7S Model. This model is the tool to analyze how well the organization is positioned to achieve the intended objective. McKinsey 7-S framework was developed in the early 1980s by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman (Altuwaijri, 2012). The model is used for improving the performance of the organization, examining the possible effects of future changes within a company, supporting departments and processes during a merger and determining how best to implement a proposed strategy. The 7 elements of the 7s model are strategy, structure, systems, shared values, skills, style and staff. Strategy is the plan made to maintain and build competitive advantage over the competition. Structure refers to the way the company is sorted out in the structure. Systems are the daily activities and procedures that staff members engage in. shared valued refer to the core values of th e company. The style of leadership adopted is the next aspect and staff capabilities come in next. The last element is skills that are the competencies of the employees. Strategy- The MOH is applying a strong strategy for having a national approach for fulfilling the objective of implementing e-health across the country. The strategic context of e-health is that it must encompass the health of the total population and have development priorities. The MOH has the resulting implications for health and this must be carried on in future (Qureshi et al., 2015). The e-health is the high-level message from the MOH for the policy-makers that answers the question of how e-health helps the country in understanding what it wishes to achieve in health care sector. The existing capacity of MOH must be used at its best for providing a strong basis for innovation and investment. But currently the innovation and the investment procedure are in progress Planning of the detailed steps is necessary for fulfilling long-term goals and having fundamental transformation Howver, the plannings are also active in some context (Altuwaijri, 2012). Structure- MOH encompasses the whole country and therefore there is an influence of extrinsic forces, including the government (Al-Mutairi, 2014). Along with that, government hospitals are the other users about which records and data has to be maintained. This will be summarised with the development of the e-health system, where the priorities of each systematic head will be set. The data and information will be retrievable in less time (Mair et al., 2012). This retrieval will be effective as the MOH has a bigger framework, as far as the structure of the organisation is concerned, as it has to deal with many urban and rural agents, which are present all around KSA(Almalki, Fitzgerald, Clark, 2011). As mentioned in the previous paragraph, by this online development, the scale of the MOH structure will not only decrease over time, but will also become more effective. Staff- The number of staff required and to be managed needs to be higher, and as mentioned in the weaknesses section, non-Saudi staff make up a considerable proportion of the total, and can leave the country easily. Currently, every workforce of the Ministry in all regions of the Kingdom is being reviewed to determine accurate staffing needs to create the optimum utilization of personnel. Providing qualified manpower is perhaps the biggest challenge that Saudi Arabia faces as it expands its healthcare capacity. Despite investment in education and training, demand for foreign healthcare workers is likely to remain strong in the coming years (Chhokar et al., 2013). The Saudi health care system is challenged by the shortage of local health care professionals, such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The majority of health personnel are expatriates and this leads to a high rate of turnover and instability in the workforce. According to Qureshi et al. (2015), the total health workforce in Saudi Arabia, including all other sectors, is about 248 000; more than half of them (125 000) work in the MOH. Saudis constitute 38% of this total workforce. Of these, 23.1% are physicians, while 32.3% are nurses. In the MOH, Saudis constitute about 54% of the health workforce, (physicians 22.6% and nurses 50.3%). Should the system be developed, some administration costs would be saved by providing e-health services, and staff can be retained by providing more incentives to them, which shows that this objective is quite effective if observed properly (Chhokar et al., 2013). Another factor which has to be considered is that the MOH is a centralised power and low employee engagement and low motivation of employees exists(MOH, 2015). The Saudi government have strict rules for employees holidays and it is really difficult for immigrants to bring their families to Saudi Arabia. The country has a population of30 million, of whom 10 million are immigrants, and almost all of them are employed. It is difficult to remain in the kingdom without a job and few immigrants are accompanied by their families. The reason for this is that the country wants to stop illegal workers in the country. This has a negative impact on attracting and retaining the required skills in the organisation(O'Kane, 2013). By development of this system, these rules can be revised, and employees such as those needed in hospitals need to work on their negative attributes and they have to find out the way to improve their approach. System- The system, as mentioned in the structure and weaknesses sections, needs to be given priority and easy access, and will hence be developed(Anagnostelis, Cooke, Welsh, 2004). The threat of patients receiving unequal services by the hospitals will also be eradicated, once the complete record reaches the HR of the MOH in Saudi Arabia. In this way, the system will be able to record all activities as well. Skills- The MOH sends doctors abroad for higher studies, but the education and learning that those doctors have attained are not being used by the organisation(MOH, 2015). With this e-platform, a portal and community should be established, where online consultancy services could be provided to the patients, as they are a registered part of the MOH on the e-health platform. This will allow the organisation to retain its resources. employees and doctors are needed, but the KSA lacks such a pool of workers(Al-Mutairi, 2014). This can be considered as a result of many employees leaving this country and moving to new countries for development Style- The MOH in KSA have long term goals, which will not be changed easily by a little implement such as e-health service. However, the management of the organisation will be considered along with the development of new skills, which will make the MOHs operations efficient(Lord Velez, 2013). With this internet-based system, the style of the staff will be changed and they should all be given proper training to adapt to the purpose to be served by the company. This will decrease risks, and will make the organization to be more stable(Fitzpatrick Montgomery, 2004). The style of staff will be changed with the increased concerns of the organisation in the performance of the company, with better performance of employees(Bliese, Halverson, Schriesheim, 2002). This will increase efficiency of the organisation, with increased system activities, which will ultimately all be maintained on databases. Shared values- All health care professionals will not understand the purpose of this e-system, until they are given an overview, and hence, with the development of the system, the purpose of the skills and value that is added up will be shared with staff(Anagnostelis, Cooke, Welsh, 2004). In this way, it will be possible for this service to be well integrated, once it is conveyed properly in every hospital. This means the hospitals that are working under the name of the MOH will be made to follow the steps which are now implemented by the MOH, and this will be regarded as shared value by the company. It is quite hard to maintain the external value impact on the MOH, as the Saudi Arabian government supports traditional methods, but in order to attract new international students to practice their skills in KSA, these traditional and long methods have to be amended, as do the shared values (Lord Velez, 2013). Conclusion: The above discussion on the health developing mode of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has highlighted the effect of strict rules on the employees that retain them from proper qualification. E-health service enable some improved quality by focussing on the organizational vision standards with person centered care, protecting the privacy of the patient. The health ministry of Saudi Arabia compiles the statistical data of the issues the health care are facing and the government is working on the issues to find a proper way to deal with it. The strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis of the Ministry of Health highlights the strength to change the quality of the services of the hospitals, identify the weaknesses on the employee engagement. The SWOT analysis provide the organization to implement some new strategies for the improvement of the situation. The MOH of Saudi Arabia is developing strong strategies and new stractures to keep the data and informations updated. The health ministry also working on the staffs to improve their commitment to the work and developing new skills and adopting new styles to make the operational skills more efficient. Patch 2 As the manager of the organisations business development team, I can make significant contribution to the organization for successfully achieving the objective of e-health by executing effective leadership qualties. The leadership style that I possess can be directing and coordinating the fulfillment of the objective by MOH. The provided leadership would shape up the health services improvement agenda, set the standards and norms, articulate the policy options and provide support to the system as a whole. Leadership can bring progressive changes in the work of the MOH and such impact by leadership is perceived in a global context. Leaders need to respond to new technology, new challenges and upcoming goals. A response to the dynamisms of healthcare can be made by altering the leading skill set (Daft, 2014). The leadership style that I would be having is transformational leadership. This leadership style is far more advanced than traditional style of transactional leadership. On the contrary to such traditional leadership that focuses on organization, supervision and group performance, transformational leadership has the focus that people work more effectively if there is a sense of mission (Avolio Yammarino, 2013). The transformational theory requires leaders to communicate their vision in a manner that is meaningful, exciting, and creates unity and collective purpose; the manager who is committed, has vision, and is able to empower others can be described as a transformational leader. Transformational leaders are able to motivate performance beyond expectations through their ability to influence attitudes (Chhokar et al., 2013). I have the aim of being such a manager with committed mission of bringing changes in the MOH by implementing e-health. As a manager in the organization, my leadership style can help in easy transformation to a more advanced health care service delivery. Tasks would be performed effectively and goals would be achieved by working in diverse and large groups. Transformational leadership would have the capacity to help the organization consider changes as the opportunities for new options in health care. In this case, this refers to the e-health access. The leadership would craft a collective vision for the future and utilize the interrelationships between the aspects of healthcare in a setting for solving complex problems. Continuous quality improvement is the key element in MOH and transformational leadership would help in this context by sorting the process of implementing e-health. My leadership style would be supporting the on-going process of improving service outcome (Bliese et al ., 2002). As a leader, I would emphasize continually that safe, high quality, compassionate care is the top priority and offer fair, available, respectful, supportive, compassionate, empathic, and empowering leadership. I would promote participation and involvement as the core leadership strategy. There would be a promotion of continuous development of the knowledge, skills and abilities of staff in order to improve quality of patient care, safety, compassion and the patient experience in relation to e-health. It would consistently encourage, motivate and reward innovation and introduce new and improved ways of working and adapting e-health (Bliese et al., 2002). The leadership would be visible to all the members of the organization as the work would be carried out by moving the staff forward with inspirational actions. The long lasting effect of this management style is that a strong sense of confidence would be developed in the organization. As a manager, I would have the role of the represe ntative of the organization and the employees would be motivated to embrace the new changes in the settings (Khalifa, 2012). If the leadership is successful in the organization, the members would want the organization to succeed and there would be a sense of commitment from the member (Spillane, 2012). As a visionary leader, the transformational manager helps employees to envision career success through further education and training. When employees see positive results from training and education, they will become even more dedicated to developing their own careers as outlined by the transformational leader. Therefore, an education plan on e-health would be effective in bringing about the desirable changes. Conclusion In this way, the main objective of implementing the new scheme, i.e. development of an e-platform for the MOH in Saudi Arabia, and making it follow the paths that are followed internationally, is explained clearly. And with this, the main objectiveshave been to eradicate the harsh rules imposed by the government of Saudi Arabia and thus foster a new environment where learning prospers. If on the other hand, the 7S model is followed in the same way, the organisation will be able not only to maintain their employee structure, but also to develop a civilised formation of employees. Due to the implications by the government, and un-friendly tone of staff (local employees), most patients prefer international doctors, and this means, either these employees have to be trained, or new international students and doctors should be attracted to generate competition(Becker, 2009). Economic and development competitors challenge the situations, and are reasons why these active organizations are not allowed to develop. However, the MOH should consider the number of pilgrims that arrive in KSA each year, and also the effect this congregation has in certain cities. This can be managed with the new network development that has been suggested, and, for instance, development of an e-platform. This will hence improve the quality of health services, as diagnosis may be done on the network, and also, the development of centres and chat rooms for each department, will allow better suggestions to be developed, and suggested to valued patients. My leadership style attributing to transformational leadership would bring the necessary changes in the organization in relation to the aim of e-health services. The principles of transformation leadership will help in succeeding the execution of the changes in the organization. Better results would be achieved in a positive workplace. The ultimate aim of the leadership I possess would be to drive engagement of the members of the organization and to develop a self-interest in the organization changes in context to e-health. Critical commentary KSA in its health care department has manpower. It has leadership support. Saudi Arabia could establish critical care organisation. Hence, it can meet its critical care standards. The 59.5% of services that MOH provides are not converted to e-health. Else there would have been enhancement in Saudi health cae for public. The participation of employees is below par in terms of adapting to new technologies. The latest technologies must be implemented in their daily lives to the best of their ability. It will increase the overall management procedure of the organization. Therfore new policies should be formulated in this respect.There are no approaches taken to have adequate knowledge on the ways to implement the ehealth services. Lack of a skilled workforce is a major drawback for this country. Also most of the work is outsourced. It indicates that e-health services to locals would be quite difficult. There is limited growth of Medical Tourism in this country. This is due to lack of pro motion of the services by government. It has great opportunity to attract foreign investment. The major threat however is insufficient efforts in biomedical research. Due to insufficient learning programmes there are less qualified workers in medical field. References Abdallah, W.M., (2001).Managing multinationals in the Middle East: Accounting and tax issues. Greenwood Publishing Group. Al-Ahmadi, H. (2009). Quality of primary healthcare in Saudi Arabia: A comprehansive review. International Journal for Quality and Health care, 17, 331-346. AlGhamdi, K. 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Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. Simon and Schuster. Qureshi, N. A., Kundi, G. M., Qureshi, Q. A., Akhtar, R., Hussain, L. (2015). An investigation Into the Adoption and Use Issues of E-Health in Public Sector Hospitals of Developing Countries.Mediterranean Journal of Medical Sciences,2(1). Ramady, M. A. (2010). The Saudi Arabian Economy: Policies, Achievements, and Challenges (2nd ed.). Springer Science Business Media. Spillane, J. P. (2012).Distributed leadership(Vol. 4). John Wiley Sons.

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Hotel Ratings in the Modern World

Introduction Looking at the modern industry of hospitality, the hotel ratings seem too strange and unreliable. Having visited many hotels, I may say that there are a lot of those which do not correspond to the real estate of things. Having read two articles about hotel ratings, I should say that the modern system of hotel ratings is too poor and does not nave any reliable grounds.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Hotel Ratings in the Modern World specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Neither the rating which is given by the credible magazine which tries to follow the international standards nor the one presented by those who have visited the place can be trusted as most of the comments are left by the professional writers who are paid for a rating to make people believe that the place is good enough. There is also no guarantee that a hotel rating presented by a reliable company which is responsible for creating the rat ing is objective as all people do in the modern world are subjected to business relations. Body Hotel business is one of the most important ones as accommodation is the central aspect in the global political and economical relations in the world. Each company tries to be responsible for the ranks it gives, however, being based on the business relations there is no guarantee that the hotel is ranked adequately and no business relations are involved. Looking at the present situation in the accommodation business, the following aspects are to be considered. First, hotels want to get as many customers as possible, therefore, the marketing and promotion strategy is usually on the high level. The hotels create websites where people seem to express their opinion. However, in most cases professional writers leave comments. Of course, people are able to do it as well. One may come across several negative feedbacks, but a clever client would think that they are just the personal opinion of th ose who are always unsatisfied with everything as the vast majority of the feedbacks are going to be positive. Second, there are many companies which guarantee to provide hotel ranking services having compared and contrasted the hotel’s services with the standards and to draw the conclusions. However, the absence of any internationally accepted standards makes it possible for the companies to vary in their opinions. The business relations are based on the financial grounds, therefore, the companies get money and give a hotel rating it wants. Finally, hotel business is very competitive. The Internet has become the most important means of advertising. Many people in the world use the Internet for all needs and the information search is one of the main functions the Internet performs. Having understood this idea, many hotel promotion programs became to be oriented on the customers’ feedback. Conclusion Therefore, it should be concluded that hotel ratings in the modern wor ld are created just with business purposes and some of the hotels do not correspond to the level they are ranked with. Being positioned as 5 star hotels, most of the accommodation services are not that perfect as they are to be.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is impossible to get to know about a hotel the whole truth before staying in that hotel. The websites which seem to express client’s opinion are served by the professionals, the feedbacks are created to attract more customers and the ranking system is used just for marketing services as there are no international standards. This essay on Hotel Ratings in the Modern World was written and submitted by user J0s1e to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Eadweard Muybridge, the Father of Motion Pictures

Eadweard Muybridge, the Father of Motion Pictures Eadweard Muybridge (born  Edward James Muggeridge; April 9, 1830–May 8, 1904) was an English inventor and photographer. For his pioneering work in motion-sequence still photography he became known as the Father of the Motion Picture. Muybridge developed the zoopraxiscope, an early device for projecting motion pictures. Fast Facts: Eadweard Muybridge Known For: Muybridge was a pioneering artist and inventor who produced thousands of photographic motion studies of humans and animals.Also Known As: Edward James MuggeridgeBorn: April 9, 1830 in Kingston upon Thames, EnglandDied: May 8, 1904 in Kingston upon Thames, EnglandPublished Works: Animal Locomotion, Animals in Motion, The Human Figure in MotionSpouse: Flora Shallcross Stone (m. 1872-1875)Children: Florado Muybridge Early Life Eadweard Muybridge was born in 1830 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England. Born Edward James Muggeridge, he changed his name when he immigrated to the United States, where the majority of his work as a professional photographer and innovator occurred. After several years in New York City, Muybridge moved west and became a successful bookseller in San Francisco, California. Still Photography In 1860, he made plans to return to England on business and began the long stagecoach journey back to New York City. Along the way, Muybridge was badly injured  in a crash; he spent three months recovering in Fort Smith, Arkansas and did not reach England until 1861. There, he continued to receive medical treatment and eventually took up photography. By the time Muybridge returned to San Francisco in 1867, he was a highly skilled photographer educated in the latest photographic processes and printing techniques. He soon became famous for his panoramic landscape images, especially those of Yosemite Valley and San Francisco. In 1868, the U.S. government hired Muybridge to photograph the landscapes and native people of Alaska. The journey resulted in some of the photographers most stunning images. Subsequent commissions led Muybridge to photograph lighthouses along the West Coast and the standoff between the U.S. Army and the Modoc people in Oregon. Motion Photography In 1872, Muybridge began experimenting with motion photography when he was hired by railroad magnate Leland Stanford to prove that all four legs of a horse are off the ground at the same time while trotting. But because his cameras lacked a fast shutter, Muybridges initial experiments were not successful. Things came to a halt in 1874, when Muybridge found out that his wife might have been having an affair with a man named Major Harry Larkyns. Muybridge confronted the man, shot him, and was arrested and placed in jail. At trial, he pleaded insanity on the grounds that trauma from his head injury made it impossible for him to control his behavior. While the jury ultimately rejected this argument, they did acquit Muybridge, calling the killing a case of justifiable homicide. After the trial, Muybridge took some time off to travel through Mexico and Central America, where he developed publicity photographs for Stanfords Union Pacific Railroad. He resumed his experimentation with motion photography in 1877. Muybridge set up a battery of 24 cameras with special shutters he had developed and used a new, more sensitive photographic process that drastically reduced exposure time to take successive photos of a horse in motion. He mounted the images on a rotating disk and projected the images via a magic lantern onto a screen, thereby producing his first motion picture in 1878. The image sequence Sallie Gardner at a Gallop (also known as The Horse in Motion) was a major development in the history of motion pictures. After exhibiting the work in 1880 at the California School of Fine Arts, Muybridge went on to meet with Thomas Edison, an inventor who was, at the time, conducting his own experiments with motion pictures. Muybridge continued his research at the University  of  Pennsylvania, where he produced thousands of photographs of humans and animals in motion. These image sequences depicted a variety of activities, including farm work, household labor, military drills, and sports. Muybridge himself even posed for some photographs. In 1887, Muybridge published a massive collection of images in the book Animal Locomotion: An Electro-Photographic Investigation of Connective Phases of Animal Movements. This work contributed greatly to scientists understanding of animal biology and movement. The Magic Lantern While Muybridge developed a fast camera shutter and used other state-of-the-art techniques to make the first photographs that show sequences of movement, it was the zoopraxiscope- the magic  lantern, his pivotal invention in 1879- that allowed him to produce that first motion picture. A primitive device, the zoopraxiscope- which some considered the first movie projector- was a lantern that projected via rotating glass disks a series of images in successive phases of movement obtained through the use of multiple cameras. It was first called a zoogyroscope. Death After a long, productive period in the United States, Muybridge finally returned to England in 1894. He published two more books, Animals in Motion and The Human Figure in Motion. Muybridge eventually developed prostate cancer, and he died in Kingston upon Thames on May 8, 1904. Legacy After Muybridges death, all of his zoopraxiscope disks (as well as the zoopraxiscope itself) were bequeathed to the Kingston Museum in Kingston upon Thames. Of the known surviving disks, 67 are still in the Kingston collection, one is with the National Technical Museum in Prague, another is with Cinematheque Francaise, and several are in the Smithsonian Museum. Most of the disks are still in very good condition. Muybridges greatest legacy is perhaps his influence on other inventors and artists, including Thomas Edison (the inventor of the kinetoscope, an early motion-picture device), William Dickson (the inventor of the motion picture camera), Thomas Eakins (an artist who conducted his own photographic motion studies), and Harold Eugene Edgerton (an inventor who helped develop deep-sea photography). Muybridges work is the subject of the 1974 Thom Andersen documentary Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer, the 2010 BBC documentary The Weird World of Eadweard Muybridge, and the 2015 drama Eadweard. Sources Haas, Robert Bartlett.  Muybridge: Man in Motion. University of California Press, 1976.Solnit, Rebecca.  River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West. Penguin Books, 2010.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Dealing with Economic Externalities in the Real Estate Industry Essay

Dealing with Economic Externalities in the Real Estate Industry. Letter addressed to a mayor - Essay Example One of the most important externality can be found in the mortgage subsector. In the housing industry, an externality called a positional externality has led to products being very expensive. Positional externalities happen when the individual using the product or the service intend to one-up each other. This is something that has been witnessed in the real estate industry for a long time. As Grant (37) says, externalities affect all categories of land use and this is something that must be considered in a more modern and serious manner. While this kind of an economic externality has affected the industry in a long time, the effects have been felt the most in recent time. In fact, economic externalities in the mortgage subsector were highly associated with the recent economic recession in the United States. Increased availability of mortgage service has led to most people affording to buy their own homes through mortgage financing. While increased home ownership is important and nece ssary for the growth of the economy, it can lead to dire repercussions when done in the wrong way. As the availability of mortgage financing increased and more people were now looking for homes to buy, the costs of homes increased in a very fast rate that exceeded the market growth and inflations rates. This sudden hiking of the cost of owning a home happened so fast that at some time, the market started imploding. At this point, many individuals could who had taken loan could no longer to be able to remit their mortgage repayments and this unfortunately led to foreclosure of their homes. They could also not be able to sell off the homes at a cost high enough to cover the original costs of the homes. In this way, mortgage financing can be seen as having a great external cost to most individuals who would otherwise be able to buy their own homes without having to depend on mortgage financiers. A closer analysis reveals that increasingly availability of rarely controlled mortgages hav e two types of external costs to the economy. First, it makes homes unfairly expensive for would-be home owners. Secondly, it leads to the crunching of the real estate market making it impossible for individual who had bought their homes at exceedingly high costs to be able to recover their costs by selling their homes. Need for control The mortgage subsector has been left uncontrolled and unregulated for a very long time. This has led to the participators in the industry to operate in a way that is less professional and also in a way that has led to many individuals having to lose a lot of money through a mortgage industry that is operated in a racket manner of operation. Most mortgage regulation laws are archaic and are not able to meet the needs of the modern mortgage market. Regulating the industry will be important for protecting the many people who will definitely otherwise be affected by the poorly managed mortgage industry. Regulation in the industry should be geared towards ensuring that mortgage providers are careful and professional in the way they offer this product. Of essence will be to ensure that the mortgage providers do not operate in a way that will negatively affect their customers. The government should come up with a framework to guarantee that the mortgage providers are careful in the way they provide the product in terms of ensuring that they serve customers who are ready and capable to repay the mortgage. This will reduce or eliminate the number of home